Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Thanks to my Dad.

Yesterday I posted about me having issues with my dad here. I am satisfied with the writing, I feel that this post is needed as well.

Things Learned From Dad

  1. How to drive a stick shift.
  2. How to change a flat tire. 
  3. How to read a map.
  4. How to pray.
  5. Not to take things at face value; question things.
  6. To work smart, not hard.
  7. My head is more than a hat rack.
  8. You are never too old to stop learning.
  9. It is the small things in life that stay with you--not the over the top expressions.
  10. It only cost a little more to go first class--don't settle.

There was a time when this list would not have been possible, but I am grateful that I have let go of much anger and am able to see the good in him.  

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